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Vibration & Shock Attenuation Components


Motion occurs in most industrial automation systems. Vibration that is left uncontrolled can result in downtime, excess wear and in some cases sudden equipment failure. We provide solutions by offering a large assortment of vibration and shock absorbing components either off-the-shelf or customized for your application. Products range from light duty to heavy duty and are used across many industries.

In addition to standard materials such as natural rubber and urethane we stock a variety of Silicone Gel Products. The unique properties of Silicone Gel may provide the perfect fit for your application:
• Stable performance over a wide temperature range.
• Good thermal conductivity, high ozone UV and chemical resistance.
• Excellent for light-load and low-frequency applications.

Follow the links below for complete product specifications, price and availability, technical information and to download 3D CAD Models directly into your design:

» For Vibration and Shock Reducing Products (Standard and Custom)

Vibration & Shock Absorption Products

Cylindrical Mounts: Natural Rubber, Silicone Gel and Urethane for compression loads up to 330 lbf.
Base Mounts: Natural Rubber, Silicone Gel and Neoprene for compression loads up to 4000 lbf.
Leveling Mounts: Stationary and mobile types.
Bumpers and Foot Mounts: These are ideal for small appliances, precision machinery, furniture, cabinetry, medical instruments, and office equipment.

Spring Mounts

Elliptic Leaf Type: Shock and vibration protection for defense and marine applications.
Pedestal Type: Earthquake-proof stopper for cooling towers, transformers, cubicles and other building facility equipment.
Steel Mesh Mounts: Damping medium is stainless steel knitted mesh

Pads, Sheets, Tapes, and Gel

Silicone Gel Pads: Superior resistance against cold, heat, ozone, UV and chemicals
Iso-Pads: Suitable for loads of 20 to 120 PSI
Silicone Foam Pads: Shock absorber with outstanding durability across extreme temperatures.
Silicone Gel Tape and Chips: Works well in narrow spaces and is chemical and weather resistant.

We also offer a selection of couplings to solve torsional vibration problems caused by shaft misalignment and reciprocating machinery. For complete product specifications, applications and technical information visit SDP's website.