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Timing Belt, Pulley, Sprocket, and Chain Drives

Linear Motion

Follow the links below for complete product specifications, price and availability, technical information and to download 3D CAD Models directly into your design:

Commercial and Precision Timing Belt Profiles

Including all timing belt profiles:
Posi-Drive Synchromesh, T, XL

PDF (inch)  PDF (metric)

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Metal Timing Belt Pulleys (Inch / Metric)

Inch and Metric Plastic or Metal Timing Belt Pulley

SDP/SI manufactures a wide variety of metal and plastic inch and metric sized pulleys. Molded pulleys are offererd with and without inserts. For each profile offered there is a wide selection of available grooves, widths, single-flange, double-flange and no-flange. Other bore sizes, keyways or modifications are available on special order.

Timing Pulley Stock (Inch / Metric)

Commercial Timing Pulley Stock

Available in aluminum or steel, our inch and metric Pulley Stock is offered in a wide variety of number of grooves and groove profiles. See our E-store for availability or call our Sales Group.

Shaftloc® Pulleys (Inch)

Commercial Shaftloc® Pulleys

Our Shaftloc® Pulleys are molded with a metal insert and are available with single or double flanges. They are available in XL, L, HTD® 3mm, and HTD® 5mm pitches.

Commercial Cable & Fittings

Commercial Cables & Fittings

Miniature Cable is sold in multiples of 10 feet in .024 (inch) thru 1/8 (inch) O.D. Stainless Steel cable is nylon coated, protecting wire and pulleys from abrasion and sealing in lubrication. Threaded plugs, ball end plugs, loop sleeves and thimbles are also offered for use with the miniature cable.

Posi-Drive Pulleys (Inch / Metric)

Precision Posi-Drive Sprockets

Posi-Drive Sprockets are designed to run with posi-drive belts. Posi-drive belts are a low-cost alternative to miniature steel chain. The Posi-drive sprockets are made in aluminum or steel and are available with a clamp or pin type hub.

Commercial Clamps

Commercial Clamps

A wide selection of Timing Belt Clamps for use in linear drive systems is offered. Clamps are available in plastic and aluminum for single- and double-sided timing belts.

Commercial Flat Belts

Commercial Flat Belts

1/4 inch (6 mm) wide Flat Belts are designed for high-speed applications. Made of polyester woven cord with black neoprene coating, these belts are capable of reaching maximum speed of 20,000 fpm (6,100 meters/min.). Non-standard widths can be cut to size from sleeves available from stock.

Flat Timing Belt Pulleys (Inch / Metric)

Commercial Flat Timing Belt Pulleys

Inch and metric Flat Belt Pulleys are made of fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate with either brass or aluminum inserts and are available off-the-shelf. Pulleys with nonstandard diameters or of special design are available custom-made to your drawings.

Commercial O-rings (Metric)

Commercial O-Rings

Neoprene Round Endless Belts or O-Rings are offered in a variety of diameters and internal diameters for use in mechanical belt drives. These belts can be used with companion pulleys and grooved pulleys – see our online store inchand metric

Commercial Round Endless Belts - (Inch / Metric)

Commercial Round Endless Belts

Commercial Rounthane Belts - (Inch)

Commercial Rounthane Belts - Inch

Non-slip polyurethane belting is available in 3 diameters: 3/16, 1/4 and 5/16 (inch). These belts can be used with companion pulleys and grooved idlers, having diameters at least 8 times belt diameters. Belting can be installed as an open or closed drive system.

Commercial Rounthane Belt Connectors - (Inch)

Commercial Rounthane Belt Connector - Inch

Aluminum connectors are sold for use with our non-slip polyurethane belting.

Grooved Idler Pulleys (Inch)

Commercial & Precision Grooved Idler Pulleys

Grooved Pulleys (Inch)

Commercial & Precision Grooved Pulleys

Precision and commercial quality Grooved Pulleys are available from stock. Pin or clamp type made in stainless steel or molded with brass insert.

Commercial V-belts - Fractional H.p (Inch / Metric)

Commercial V-belts - Fractional Hp - Inch

SDP/SI offers a series of inch and metric sized V-belts. Made of reinforced rubber, these belts are oil and heat resistant and are static dissipating. Companion pulleys are also offered.

V-Belt Pulleys (Inch / Metric)

Commercial V-Belt Pulleys

SDP/SI stocks inch and metric sized Companion Pulleys for 1/4 inch (6 mm) V-belts. Pulleys offered are molded and molded with aluminum insert and range from 1 (inch) thru 6 (inch) (25 mm thru 152 mm) in diameter.

Idler Pulleys with Needle Bearings (Inch)

Commercial Idler Pulleys with Needle Bearings

Steel Idler Pulleys with Needle type Bearings are available for flat belts, v-belts, sprockets and timing pulleys. Standard bore sizes are: 3/16 (inch), 1/4 (inch) and 1/2 (inch).

Synchromesh Pulleys (Inch / Metric)

Commercial Synchromesh Pulleys

Synchromesh Pulleys are plastic drive pulleys with helical grooves on their outside diameter to enable accurate engagement with the spiral pattern on the drive cable. The pulleys are available in the following pitches: .120, .150, .200 and .250.

More Information on Synchromesh

Commercial Synchromesh Attachments

Commercial Synchromesh Attachments

A variety of attachments are offered for use with the synchromesh cable such as loop sleeves, plugs, eyes, for convenient screw mounting and thimbles. Stainless Steel thimbles provide loop support at higher loads & protect cables from wear when motion is present.

More information on Synchromesh

Commercial Tension Tester - Pencil Type (Inch)

Commercial Tension Tester, Pencil Type - Inch

Easy-to-use, lightweight Pencil Type Tension Gauge measures maximum deflection force of 30 lbs.

Commercial Tension Tester - Sonic Type (Inch)

Tension Tester, Sonic Type - Inch

The Sonic Tension Meter works on the theory that belts, like strings, vibrate at a particular natural frequency based on mass and span length. The meter converts this frequency into a measurement of tension. The meter provides fast, accurate tension readings and is suitable for checking multi-ribbed belts, V-belts, and synchronous belts.

Commercial Chain Tensioners

Commercial Belt & Chain Tensioners

A variety of chain tensioners are offered by SDP/SI. Maintaining proper belt and chain tension protects equipment and results in long and trouble-free operation of drive systems.

Commercial Ladder Chains

Commercial Ladder Chains

We offer a large selection of ladder chain in various materials, pitches and lengths. Plastic sprockets and metal sprockets are also available.

Commercial Ladder Chain Sprockets

Commercial Ladder Chain Sprockets

SDP/SI offers plastic, steel, Stainless Steel and brass ladder chain sprockets. Sprockets and ladder chain are available off-the-shelf in a wide variety of pitches, bore sizes and number of teeth.

Commercial Roller Chains

Commercial Roller Chains

Molded sub-miniature roller chain, miniature roller chain, plastic roller chain, stainless steel and hardened steel roller chain are offered here. Find the roller chain and roller chain sprocket for your power transmission system.

Commercial Roller Chain Sprockets

Commercial Roller Chain Sprockets

Inch and metric sized sprockets designed to operate with roller chain are available as standard catalog items. A broad selection of materials, sizes, number of teeth and pitches are offered. Bore sizes start as small as 3/32 (inch). Plastic and metal roller chains are also available. Can't find a standard to meet your needs – our engineering staff can offer alternative solutions from simple modifications to custom design, engineering and manufacturing.

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Thousands of timing belts are available off-the-shelf or can be cut from sleeving in stock to meet your exact specifications.

Call to speak to an engineer about your requirement or to receive pricing information for your application, fill out ourProduct Inquiry Form.
Single-sided belts, double-sided belts and belt stock are available in neoprene, polyurethane and a low-dust polymer compound with fiberglass, Kevlar and steel reinforcement.

They are available in the following profiles: Miniature Timing Belts (FHT®-1, FHT®-2 and FHT®-3), MXL, 40 D.P., XL, L, HTD®, GT®2, 2.5, T5, and T10.

PowerGrip® TruMotion® Timing Belts provide long life, low noise, reduced dust operation, and are available in MXL, XL, L, and GT®2.

HTD®, GT®2, PowerGrip®, and TruMotion® are registered trademarks of Gates Corporation.

Other timing belts and related products that we offer: Synchromesh Cable, Round Belts, Flat Belts, Fractional H.P. V-Belts, Belt Clamps and Timing Belt Clamp Kits, and Belt Tension Testers.

Are you replacing your belts more than once per year?
Learn how to identify the reasons for premature failure and find corrective and preventive tips in this handy guide by Gates available at SDP: Synchronous Belt Failure Analysis Guide.
Timing Belt Pulleys
We offer a large selection of standard inch and metric timing belt pulleys in various materials: aluminum, steel, acetal, nylon, and polycarbonate. Timing belt pulleys are available with or without inserts, metal hubs, set screw or our superior Fairloc® design. However, there are some applications where the standard design does not meet all expectations. Modifications or a custom pulley or pulley system can be designed, engineered and manufactured in house. Contact us about your application requirements; select the link to our Product Inquiry Form or call to speak to an engineer.

The following profiles are available: Miniature Pulleys (FHT®-1, FHT®-2 and FHT®-3), MXL, 40 D.P., XL, L, HTD®, GT®2, T2.5, T5 and T10.

We also offer: Synchromesh Pulleys, Grooved Idler Pulleys, Grooved Pulleys, Flat Belt Pulleys, Idler Pulleys with Needle Bearings, and Companion Pulleys.

When Your Design Requires a Custom Plastic Component
We manufacture quality plastic pulleys, sprockets and gears that are RoHS and REACH compliant.

Designing a Pulley System
Center DistanceFor information on selecting and designing a pulley system, go to: Timing belts and Pulleys - Technical Section

Easy to use Design Tool
Center Distance Designer Program is a fast and easy design tool that calculates minimum and actual center distances, speed ratios and T.I.M. (teeth in mesh) for both pulleys. The program allows the design of a pulley drive system using our belt and pulley database.