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Couplings are mechanical components that allow motion transfer from one drive element (or shaft) to another. We offer thousands of different miniature to medium size couplings, available off-the-shelf, to meet your requirements. We can also produce custom couplings to meet your special application needs. Our patented Fairloc® hub design, available on many of our offerings, allows for fast and easy adjustment during assembly, significantly reducing setup time.

Follow the links below for complete product specifications, price and availability, technical information and to download 3D CAD Models directly into your design:

» For Couplings (Standard and Custom)

Offerings include:

Bellows Couplings: Good misalignment capability and excellent torsional rigidity and torque capacity. Available with Fairloc® hub.
Flexible Couplings: Long Series Helical Couplings, Slit Type MSC Flexible Couplings and Slit Type Plastic Couplings. They provide excellent misalignment capability and good vibration damping.
Disc Couplings: Excellent torsional rigidity and torque capacity with good misalignment capability.
Precision Oldham Couplings & Standard Oldham Couplings: Good to excellent misalignment capability. The standard style features different bore combinations and are ease of assembly.
Jaw Couplings: High torque capacity with good vibration damping.
Rigid Shaft Couplings: High torque capacity and torsional rigidity. Available with our Fairloc® hub.
Magnetic Disk Couplings: Good misalignment capability and performance in high temperatures.
Neo-flex Couplings: Provides shaft-to-shaft insulation and torsional vibration isolation. Available with the FairlocĀ® hub
Precision Shaft Couplings: Made of 303 Stainless Steel. Can be ordered with other bore sizes to fit your specifications.

In addition to couplings, we offer flexible shafts

Flexible Shafts are used in cases where a solid shaft is impractical, such as when there are obstacles in the way. The flexible shaft can be routed around, over and under the obstacle to fit your design. Off-the-shelf or made to your exact specifications, many combinations of fittings and lengths are available.

Our couplings and flexible shafts are available in both inch and metric sizes. For assistance in selecting the coupling that best suits your needs, please contact our engineering department.