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Timing Pulleys and Timing Belts


SDP/SI is known as the go-to source for synchronous drive components. We have built a reputation among designers of small mechanisms and drives for providing quality, inch and metric timing belts and timing belt pulleys. We stock a large selection of standard sizes as well as hard-to-find components for both custom and standard applications at competitive prices.

For 50 years we have been providing our clients with pulley systems and components in small to large quantities, including OEM’s. Individual service, flexible stocking plans, customization and J.I.T. delivery are some of the benefits you receive when working with Designatronics.

Follow the links below for complete product specifications, price and availability, technical information and to download 3D CAD Models directly into your design:

» For more about Timing Pulleys (Standard and Custom)
» For more about Timing Belts (Standard and Custom)

Timing Belts

Thousands of timing belts are available off-the-shelf or can be cut from sleeving in stock to meet your exact specifications. Call to speak to an engineer about your requirement or to receive pricing information for your application, fill out our Product Inquiry Form.

Single-sided belts, double-sided belts and belt stock are available in neoprene, polyurethane and a low-dust polymer compound with fiberglass, Kevlar and steel reinforcement. They are available in the following profiles: Miniature Timing Belts (FHT-1, FHT-2 and FHT-3), MXL, 40 D.P., XL, L, HTD®, GT®2, 2.5, T5, and T10.

PowerGrip® TruMotion® Timing Belts provide long life, low noise, reduced dust operation, and are available in MXL, XL, L, and GT®2.

HTD®, GT®2, PowerGrip®, and TruMotion® are registered trademarks of Gates Corporation.

Other timing belts and related products that we offer: Synchromesh Cable, Round Belts, Flat Belts, Fractional H.P. V-Belts, Belt Clamps and Timing Belt Clamp Kits, and Belt Tension Testers.

Are you replacing your belts more than once per year? Learn how to identify the reasons for premature failure and find corrective and preventive tips in this handy guide by Gates available at SDP: Synchronous Belt Failure Analysis Guide

Timing Belt Pulleys

We offer a large selection of standard inch and metric timing belt pulleys in various materials: aluminum, steel, acetal, nylon, and polycarbonate. Timing belt pulleys are available with or without inserts, metal hubs, set screw or our superior Fairloc® design. However, there are some applications where the standard design does not meet all expectations. Modifications or a custom pulley or pulley system can be designed, engineered and manufactured in house. Contact us about your application requirements; select the link to our Product Inquiry Form or call to speak to an engineer.

The following profiles are available: Miniature Pulleys (FHT-1, FHT-2 and FHT-3), MXL, 40 D.P., XL, L, HTD®, GT®2, T2.5, T5 and T10.

We also offer: Synchromesh Pulleys, Grooved Idler Pulleys, Grooved Pulleys, Flat Belt Pulleys, Idler Pulleys with Needle Bearings, and Companion Pulleys.

When Your Design Requires a Custom Plastic Component

We manufacture quality plastic pulleys, sprockets and gears that are RoHS and REACH compliant. Learn more about our plastic molding design capabilities.

Designing a Pulley System

Center Distance For information on selecting and designing a pulley system, go to:
» Timing belts and Pulleys - Technical Section

Easy to use Design Tool
Center Distance Designer Program is a fast and easy design tool that calculates minimum and actual center distances, speed ratios and T.I.M. (teeth in mesh) for both pulleys. The program allows the design of a pulley drive system using our belt and pulley database.