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We offer a broad selection of highly efficient AC and DC gearmotors, AC motors, DC motors, hybrid stepper motors, and stepper motors. The motors are available from inventory in both inch and metric mounting configurations. We also provide custom mechanical and electromechanical components and assemblies for many industries and applications. Call us with your design requirements.

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Our Gearmotor Products

Offset Stepper Gearmotors: NEMA sizes 17 and 23, 35V DC
Hybrid Stepper Motors: NEMA sizes 11 thru 42, 24V DC to 160V DC
Stepper Motors: NEMA sizes 23 and 34, 60V DC
DC Gearmotors: Sizes 12 thru 60, 3V DC to 24V DC
DC Motors: Size 40, 6V to 12V
AC Gearmotors: Size 60, 115V
Single Phase AC Motor: Size 60, 115V